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End of summer reunion

Couple of Sundays ago we had a fun reunion with the “pups” of our Love litter. This time Sirli invited us over to her place at Neeme. Gorgeous, gorgeous place to live! What a lucky girl our Luna is to be living 100m from the sea!!! This time everybody made it to the reunion. It is so nice to see the good temperaments of the progeny of Saara x Boston and we are so lucky to have such great owners to them all.

Retrievers Specialty Show at Kumna Manor 09.09.18

At the beginning of September we had a wonderful end to a beautiful summer show season at the Retriever’s Specialty Show at Kumna Manor.
We will now take a little break from Dog Shows to do some field training, Boston will start doing his therapy dog work again and we have some exciting puppy plans for the near future 🙂

Boston (Meiepere Oh How Happy)
Excellent 1 with CQ in Working class
BOB Working Dog
Best In Show Working Dog!

Saara (Meiepere Paris In The Rain)
Excellent 2 with CQ in Open Class
Best Bitch 2, EST CAC

Prim (Soft Soul Heart Of Love)

Excellent in Junior class (she was totally out of coat!)

Luna (Lakebrook Love To Soft Soul)

Owned by Mari-Liis Rihkrand and Sirli Ottis
Excellent 2 with CQ in Junior class

Poseidon (Lakebrook Love Poseidon)

Owned by Kätlyn Freimann
Excellent 4 in Junior class

Boston was entered in Progeny class with his children from two different litters

BOB Progeny
Best in Show Progeny!

Boston and Prim were second in Braces

Boston and Poseidon were second in “Father and Son”

Reunion with “Love” litter

On Sunday, 29.04., we had the reunion of our Love-litter puppies, who are not so puppies anymore as they turned one-years-old on 08th of April.
It was wonderful to see everybody together (only one missing was Hilfiger with his family).
I am so happy to see all the pups grown out to be with wonderful temperaments and everybody has such beautiful characters.


Golden Retriever Main Specialty show 10.02.18

I haven’t had time to post about the Golden Retriever Main Specialty Show that we had in February. This is one show in the year that I try not to miss. Always wonderful breed specialist judges from the UK and great atmosphere altogether with close to 100 participants.

I entered Boston (Meiepere Oh How Happy) in Champion class for the first time at a specialty and almost regretted it as he managed to shed most of his coat couple of weeks before the show. To my big surprise he won the class and ended up as Best Male 2! To say I was happy is an understatement 😉

Boston being judged in champion class
Boston winning champion class with the lovely Sammy (Stanroph Snow Storm) being second.

Prim (Soft Soul Heart Of Love) was entered in puppy class (7 months at the time). She was not placed (11 bitch puppies) but got a lovely critique from the judge. I love how she can relax just anywhere she is and that she did that in the show ring as well while waiting to her turn to be judged.

Prim in puppy class
Practicing free standing

Saara (Meiepere Paris In The Rain), the momma of our “Love” litter, was entered in a large open class (14 bitches). She wasn’t placed but showed her socks off (first time back in the ring after her litter last April). Saara was so happy to be shown, with her nonstop tail wagging and playful silly temperament while waiting to be judged. Hoping to show Saara more in the upcoming shows this summer.

Saara being judged in open class
Silly Saara
Non-stop tail wagging Saara showing herself to the judges

Some of our “Love” litter youngsters were also entered in junior classes.
Luna (Lakebrook Love To Soft Soul – owned by Mari-Liis Rihkrand and Sirli Ottis) was placed second in bitches junior class (out of 11).

Lakebrook Love To Soft Soul 10 months old

The boys weren’t placed but showed themselves nicely and had a lovely show experience.

Lakebrook Love Hilfiger 10 months old
Lakebrook Love Hilfiger 10 months old
Lakebrook Love Poseidon 10 months old
Hilfiger and Poseidon
Lakebrook Love Roco

We are also super proud of Boston’s son Sparky (Soft Soul Heart Of Heaven) who did wonderfully at the show with being Best Of Breed Puppy and BIS Puppy III! Congratulations to the owners and the breeder Mari-Liis Rihkrand!

Sparky (Soft Soul Heart Of Heaven)

This spring we won’t take part in too many shows. Prim will start field training and Boston is busy with his therapy dog work and nose work training. We will also try to take Boston’s field work to the next level and try to take part in some Field Trials.




Boston and Nelly puppies born in Kennel Soft Soul

Boston’s puppies with Nelly were born on the 1st of July 2017. We can’t get enough of this cuteness and are totally in love! Nelly is a wonderful mama to her puppies and it’s such a pleasure to watch her take care of them with such love and gentleness.

More info at Kennel Soft Soul

Qualified In The Field!!!

Wohoo! This is what we have been working on. Failed and learned from our mistakes, then failed again and fixed what was missing again…And it paid off!
On Mother’s Day 14.05.2017 Boston (Meiepere Oh how Happy) passed the Retriever’s Qualifying Test with cold game!
We can now confirm his EST, LVA & FIN Champion titles!