Our G-litter was born 12.06.2022!

We were so happy to welcome Lulu’s second litter on the very first minutes of 12.06.2022. The handsome and smart daddy to the litter is “Niilo” Vofcit’s Showstopper.
He has an impressive list of titles that he deserves to be credited for:
…but we are even more proud of his achievements in the field (having passed the retriever’s breed trials) and obedience (competed with wonderful results in rally obedience) – such a multitalent!

Niilo has done super both at shows and in the field but his owner is most pleased with what an easy and good dog he is – she said she could have ten more Niilos! 
Here are some photos of the papa of our G-litter (all credit to Niilo’s owner Susanna):

Saara & Albert puppies first week

Saara’s puppies to Albert (Hanna’s icons Einstein) were born 04.november 2020 – 5 girls and 4 boys. Unfortunately we lost one boy so now we have 8 puppies. All puppies and mama have been doing great and the pups are thriving.  Here are puppy portraits from when they were 1 week old. The boys are Green, Blue and Brown collar and girls Orange, Purple, Grey, Pink and Yellow.

Albert – father of our autumn 2020 litter

Meet Albert (Hanna’s Icons Einstein) the father of our autumn 2020 litter. He has the most adorable temperament like a golden should have and what a gorgeous colour of coat! I love his lovely head and expression and balanced outline. 

He is health tested:
Hips BB, Elbows 00
Eyes Clear, PRA1 & PRA2 clear by parentage
ICT Carrier

Can’t wait to meet the puppies! 

Health tests for our youngsters

We are thrilled to say that our youngsters Lucky (Lakebrook Color Me Lucky) and Stella (Lakebrook Color Of Stars) got their hips/elbows scored and eyes checked at the end of september at the age of 16 months. Both have the best results: Hips A, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear!

We also did repeat eye examinations for Prim (Soft Soul Heart Of Love) and Lulu (Lakebrook Believe In Chasing Dreams) and happy to say for both eyes are clear. Lulu also got her heart examination and it is also clear.
Happy, Happy, Happy!

The father of our planned litter for Prim, summer 2020

We are super excited that Prim has been mated to the lovely Titus ( Terra Di Siena Invictus Du Bois De La Rayére ). Fingers crossed that all works out and we can confirm that Prim is in whelp at the end of April.
I met Titus at Crufts ’19 and just fell in love with him immediately. His lovely temperament, super bone and movement and that beautiful golden coat!
He has done super well at shows and is showing excellent skills in field work (which I would also like to be present in the puppies I breed).
Puppies pedigree in K9data.com

Firstly some photos I took of him at Crufts 2019:

Titus as a puppy
(all the following photos from his owner Bruno Facq)

Young Titus at a show in UK at the age of 11,5 months

Super mover!

Working Titus:

Photos from different shows

Prim passed the therapy dog team exam!

    Our sweet soul Prim is following her father’s footsteps and has passed the therapy dog team exam with me with 98 points out of 100!
I’m super proud of her and she totally exceeded my expectations at the exam. Ever since she was a little puppy I knew she had it in her and she has gotten better and more confident with age. She’s such a gentle soul and it will be my duty to keep her happy when doing therapy dog work and make sure she enjoys it and not force anything on her. But I know she will bring so much joy to whomever we decide to do therapy interactions with. We will probably try out visiting the elderly in our hometown Elva, just like Boston and maybe even help out our friend who is a speech therapist.

Kutsikate isa Davy / Davy, the father of the puppies

Combine Steward Of The Line

Kasvataja / Breeder:
Lena Widebeck, Kennel Combine
Mõned pildid Davy’st / Some photos of Davy
-all rights belong to the authors of the photos-

Absoluutselt mu lemmik pilt Davyst, autor Mille Selander.
Absolutely my favorite photo of Davy by Mille Selander – Love it!
Davy koos oma kasvataja ja omaniku Lenaga ning tema tütarde ja teiste koertega, kes nende kennelis elavad
Davy with his breeder and owner Lena, her daugthers and the other dogs living with them
Lena and Davy