Meiepere Queen Lullaby


Retired from breeding

Photographed by Mari-Liis Rihkrand

Date of Birth: 28.09.2014
Breeder: Karis Saarniit (Kennel Meiepere)
Owner: Marget Maasing


Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: clear (OK)
PRA 1: clear by parentage



BOB and BIS Baby at the Golden Retriever Main Specialty Show in Estonia 2015
Best Bitch 2
2 x Best Bitch 3
Best Bitch 4



“Correct bite, feminine head, lovely expression, excellent neck, Correct angulation front and rear, chest well developed for the age, straight topline, not in perfect condition of coat, moved well with correct tail.” Judge Alessandro Zeppi
– 11.07.2015 Golden Retriever Specialty Show, Tartumaa, EX

“Lovely attentive girl, balanced all through, pretty head, good length of neck into level topline + tailset, very typical – not overdone in any way, moved well with good head carriage – lacks length.” Judge Christine Ashton
-06.02.2016 Golden Retriever Specialty Show, Tallinn EX3

“Beautifully balanced quality bitch. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Feminine head, exressive dark eyes, good reach of neck, correct shoulder assembly. Good bone, neat feet. Level topline, level tailset, strong short couple, good width of hindquarters, well let down hocks. Moved well, would prefer more width behind.” Judge Mary Neil
– 16.07.2016 Retrievers Specialty Show, Haanjamaa EX3

“Very nice type, super feminine all over, excellent head and body. Balanced angulation, lovely temperament and movement, just a bit rollie-pollie action.” Judge Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez
– 19.08.2016 Golden Retriever Specialty Show, EX1 CQ, Best Bitch 3

“Lovely young bitch in mid-gold coat and good condition. Nicely balanced angulation front and rear. Good topline. Lovely head and expression. Excellent pigmentation. Good bone and feet. Moved freely.” Judge Cathrine Collins
– 03.06.2017 Retrievers Specialty Show, Vanamõisa EX

“Happy girl, attentive to her handler. Feminine head with sweet expression. A little short in neck, reasonable front and hindquarters. Spring of rib good. Depth of chest good. Topline strong. Tail carried level on the move. Shining good condition and excellent double coat.” Judge Heather Morrison
– 18.08.2017 Golden Retriever Specialty Show, Luige EX3